We will have space hotels by the year 2027

The last few years have been exciting for people who love the idea of human beings one day evolving as a multi-planetary species. Even if it remains a distant future, technological breakthroughs and private companies have been busy trying to get more people beyond the clutches of our blue atmosphere.


Billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson have already thrown billions to take them to the edge of the atmosphere, a feat that was once only possible to astronauts.


Today a startup from Sacramento called Orbital Assembly Corporation (AOC) has come forward to announce yet another step towards mankind’s journey towards being a space-faring species.


The AOC plans to open up a space hotel by the year 2027, a first-of-its-kind luxury hotel and they are calling it “Voyager”. Voyager is supposed to house around 280 guests, 112 crew members with facilities such as a restaurant, a bar, a concert hall, a gym, and a cinema to keep everyone in the holiday mood.


The idea might seem far-fetched and right out of a science fiction movie to many people. But with SpaceX revolutionizing rocket travel, it is quite possible that we may be able to get the masses into space within a few years.


OAC believes one-day Voyager will be a tourist destination for many people, a spot to choose like Paris or Madrid. The space resort’s design is centered around the idea of a rotating wheel. Rotating wheels use centrifugal forces to create artificial gravity for future space tourists.

OAC plans to use the rotating wheel concept to generate gravity equal to that of the Moon first and gradually increase the spin rate to match Mar’s gravity and finally to Earth’s gravity.


Even though there isn’t much research to show how artificially generated gravity might human physiology, OAC researchers are working on studying its specifics. The phased spin speed increase will help them understand the effects better as the project gets into orbit.


Having that tourists will love the experience of having Moon like gravity conditions as that will help them do stuff that otherwise would have been physically impossible. From lifting heavy weights to jumping high the possibilities are endless as imagined by the founders of the space resort.


Guests will be transported to the resort through passenger rocketships that will take them to a Zero-gravity docking hub. Elevators will take them from there to the habitation modules located in the outer ring of the circular station.


The 24 modules will enjoy a whopping 125,000 square feet in total allowing the guests to experience a different class of leisure experience altogether. The current renders of the project show off a rather futuristic interior with windows that lets guest gaze into the beauty of Earth’s imposing partial frame.


While the entire experience is not going to be cheap, the OAC chief tells us that, the stay itself will be cheaper than the travel costs. But the hope is that travel costs will significantly drop as technology evolves.


Currently, OAC is working on “Gravity Ring” a prototype that emulates the wheel design with a pioneer station and a few habitation modules. The company will use them to test its technology rigorous before assembling the Voyager. OAC is not the only player in the town for space resorts though. OAC plans to sell these Voyager modules as short-terms or long-term leases to prospective buyers and is attracting interest from space-loving millionaires.


OAC is not the only player in the rising field of space commerce though. Companies are vying to convert parts of the International Space Station into modules that serve as independent commercial stations. Similarly, Sierra Space and Blue Origin, the aerospace subsidiary of Amazon has announced its plan to build something called orbital reef, a mixed-use station in a matter of a few years.



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